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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

Doguroo is a pack of people who are intent on providing the very best care for the beloved dogs of others. We provide that care by meeting the needs of dogs and their parents through our comprehensive service offering and our affordable, yet hand-picked nutrition and other retail offering.

Our Name

Doguroo (pronounced dogoo-roo) is a play on the words dog and Guru. These two words reflect our love of dogs (Dog) and our thirst for understanding and sharing everything there is to know about dogs (Guru). We changed the spelling of guru to guroo for its playfulness and to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously!


Midtown West opened its doors on May 22, 2005 under the name of WAG-A-LOT. Two of the three original owners continue to own and operate this location today.

The primary services provided when we opened our doors included daycare, boarding, and grooming. We focused on these services to ensure we had the safest and most efficient (to support a calm energy for the dogs) processes and procedures we could possibly implement.

Mid 2008, the three owners of WAG-A-LOT chose to reorganize the company, whereby two of the owners, Eileen Kelly and Jean Finney, traded their ownership in WAG-A-LOT for full ownership of the Midtown West location. (As a result of this reorganization, we changed our name effective July 1, 2009 to Doguroo.)

Also in 2008, we began focusing on our retail offering. Nutrition is as fundamental to a dog’s well-being and behavioral stability as it is for humans. We chose to expand our nutrition retail products very quickly to provide our customers with easy access to high quality, all natural food for both their dogs and cats!

Late 2008, we began offering various training and fitness options to our customers under the direction of our certified in-house trainer. The programs offered include supervised time on a treadmill for extra energy release and basic to advanced training sessions – both in a class and private setting.

We believe our customers deserve the best of all worlds – quality, value and convenience. Time is money, but your dog is still your child. So we offer one-stop access to competitively-priced services and retail items of the highest quality. We’ve got everything your pet needs to be healthy, comfortable and stylish all year long.

Doguroo Mission

Enhance the lives of pets and their parents worldwide through a holistic and uncompromising offering of products, services, and education. Our commitment is to:

  • Maintain and continually develop high standards of dog care
  • Provide the very best customer service to every parent, every time
  • Continually research and provide the best pet products available
  • Provide parents with the most up-to-date, comprehensive educational tools
  • Establish and maintain a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for dogs, parents, and employees

Our goal is to create the single, full-service, quality dog care destination. In addition to our comprehensive service and retail offering, PetWell Veterinary Healthcare opened its doors in co-location with Midtown West early July 2009. With this addition, we are truly The Whole Dog Experience!