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Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
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Nutrition Overview

Proper nutrition is the foundation of pet care. Our in-house nutrition experts continually research and select the very best dry, canned, and raw pet foods available for dogs and cats. These foods exclusively contain whole, all-natural ingredients, exceed the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and are void of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Choose from all-natural foods for all life stages, and formulas including maintenance, grain-free, limited ingredient (allergies), and raw.

Acana Merrick Sojos
Blue Buffalo Natural Balance Solid Gold
Canidae Nature’s Variety Stella & Chewy’s
Chicken Soup Now! Grain Free Taste of the Wild
Dogswell Nutrisca Wild Calling
Evanger’s Nutrisource Wellness
Fromm Orijen Weruva 
Go! Natural Primal Raw Foods  
Holistic Select Pure Vida


Because we continually monitor and research the best quality, highest rated foods in order to provide the best offering available, this list may not be 100% accurate at all times.  From time to time, we will add new foods and/or discontinue brands that no longer match up with either our quality standards, availability or customer needs. Because of our network of distributors and bi-weekly deliveries, we are able to special order many foods that we do not stock. Just ask a Pet Food GUROO! 

Need help choosing a food that meets your pet’s specific needs? We can help! Click here for our Pet Food Recommendation Form. Our Nutrition GUROO will review your information and respond with options tailored to your pet.

Doguroo offers only premium dog food


Selection is a good thing, but we realize that selection can breed confusion. How do you narrow down the list to the 3-4 foods that are best for your pet? Choosing the right foods can seem pretty overwhelming, but we’re here to help! We’ll be glad to guide you through the process in person. Here’s a list of definitions and guidelines to get you started.

Adult Maintenance: These foods are formulated for adult pets that are moderately active and they are available in a wide variety of protein sources.
Grain-Free: These foods are produced using little to no grains and typically contain a higher protein content. The principle behind these formulas is that dogs and cats primarily ate meat in the wild. These formulas are best for high-energy, young or adult pets of any size, or any pet that is allergic to grains.
Limited Ingredient: These foods make use of the fewest ingredients possible to create a balanced diet. For food-sensitive pets, fewer ingredients can mean fewer allergies.
Puppy: These foods are higher in calories and some nutrients to support the developmental needs of young, growing pups.  Check with your vet about when you should switch your puppy to an adult formula.
Raw: These foods are not cooked, and therefore retain some of the nutrients that cooking food can release. They are grain-free, moderately high in protein, and are recommended for pets in any life stage.
Senior: These foods are typically lower in protein and can contain extra vitamins and supplements to support joint, heart, and/or circulatory health.



What To Look For:

  • Whole protein sources (chicken, beef, turkey, etc.) or meals made from single, whole protein sources (chicken meal, beef meal, turkey meal, etc.)
  • Whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables, and fruits
  • First 2 ingredients – One (or more) of the first two ingredients should be a whole protein source.

What To Avoid:

  • Meat By-Products
  • Generic Fats or Proteins – For example, “animal protein” or “poultry protein”
  • Food Fragments – For example, “brewers rice” or “wheat bran”
  • Artificial Preservatives – including BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin
  • Artificial Colors
  • Propylene Glycol – added to some foods to keep them chewy and moist
  • Sweeteners

Doguroo offers only premium dog food

Rotating Foods

There is no one food that “has it all” or is perfect for your pet. That’s why we recommend rotating foods as often as every 3 months. Rotating foods exposes your pet to different vitamins and minerals from varying proteins and it can help keep them interested in mealtimes. So choose 3 to 4 foods that vary in protein sources and spice things up!

Come by to talk to one of our in-store Guroos to select the best food for your dog.

Need help choosing a food that meets your pet’s specific needs?  We can help!  Click here for our Pet Food Recommendation Form.  Our Nutrition GUROO will review your information and respond with options tailored to your pet.