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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

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How It Works

Vacations, business trips, long weekends, company in town or just a mini-vacation for your dog; overnight boarding at Doguroo has got you covered.

After a day of play and socializing, your dog will be ready to hit the Den, their own private sanctuary. Doguroo’s overnight boarding is designed to meet the needs of your dog by creating an environment that is comfortable, secure and the next best thing to being at home. Our boarding provides:

  • Large, custom-made Dens or Comfortable Cubbies (your choice!)
  • Meals served up to three times a day in the privacy of their own space
  • Daily Rubdowns
  • Special requests welcomed! (Medications, special feeding, naps, extra care or recuperation)
  • Daily cleaning includes laundry, dishwashing and den sanitizing
  • All the benefits of Daycare

Like our play yards, our boarding areas are divided between small/mild mannered and large dogs. While in their Den, your dog will be rooming near the same group of playmates they will socialize with during Daycare. What if I have a small dog and a large dog and I want them to board together?


A Day in the Life of a Boarding Guest

Your dog’s day starts bright and early with an outside potty break where they can stretch their legs. Once back inside, they’ll find that their Den has been spot cleaned to ensure their space is ready for the first meal of the day, breakfast. Once meals have been served, your dog will have a full hour to complete their meal and digest before joining the Daycare pack for a day of play. Upon request, we also serve lunch at midday. Naps are also a pack favorite and something we can do upon request or we may suggest a nap for your dog based on their age, health or behavior.

In the late afternoon, they return to their Dens for their daily Rubdown and some much needed downtime before the evening meal. This is the time when they can also receive special treats or Lick-A-Lot Ice Cream Service (a pack favorite!) They’ll be returning to a thoroughly cleaned Den, a fresh water bowl and a laundered bed (if needed), their toys and special treats.

After dinner, another full hour for proper digestion and then it’s time for another outside potty break and stretch of the legs. Once tucked in for the night, we dim the lights and put on the classical music. After a day of play, the dogs are ready for slumber.

Our proven routines allow us to structure a stay that caters to the specific needs of each guest. Dogs love routine. And while this schedule may not be the same as the one they’re on at home, it doesn’t vary during their stay, so, they come to know the routine and benefit from its consistency. Our goal is to create a positive experience for your dog and minimize the inherent stresses of any away-from-home separation.

What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Home

After one night or a week’s vacation, you can expect your dog to come home pretty tired. Like summer camp, boarding at Doguroo is an active vacation! Most dogs spend anywhere from around 12 to 18 hours per day sleeping or quietly resting, while at home. At Doguroo, many of those hours are instead spent in socialized play or just being mentally awake and alert. So, when they return home, they will likely need to catch up on some Z’s. That is okay and to be expected.

What to Bring

At Doguroo, you can bring everything from food and bedding to toys and treats to help your dog feel more at home. You can also supplement their needs and pack lighter by purchasing what you need from our large Retail selection. Last minute drop-off? No time to pack? No worries, we’ve got it all!

Click here for a detailed packing checklist to help you plan for your dog’s stay >>



Per Night and Includes DAYCARE:

Large Dens
One dog – $40
Each additional family dog* – $20

Small Cubbie
One dog – $33
Each additional family dog* – $20
(maximum 2)

Late Check-out Fee (after 1pm) – $20
(waived when you schedule a Scrub Plus or more)

Extended Stay Discount: For stays of 8 nights or longer rates are as follows:

Large Den
One dog – $35
Each additional family dog* – $15

Small Cubbie
One dog – $28
Each additional family dog* – $15
(maximum 2 dogs)

*Dogs boarding together must be from the same family household and live together on a regular basis. In addition, we may restrict the number of guests boarded together or change the size of their den, if we feel they will not have adequate space or that their health/safety could be compromised.


Age: 4 months and older. Puppies (under 1yr) will have mandatory Naps during the day to help prevent them from getting run down. Senior dogs may also receive Naps for their wellbeing.Is your pup too young to board with us?  Visit our FREE Puppy Hour every Saturday morning!  Learn more about Puppy Hour on our Training page.
Spay/Neuter: All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months.
Vaccinations OR Titers: Every 3 Years

Rabies – We are required by law to maintain proof of Rabies immunization.  A 3-year Rabies vaccine is sufficient!  

DHLP, Parvo – Commonly called a Combo Vaccine.  We accept either vaccine OR Titer Tests these every 3 years.

(If your dog is older than 7 and/or has any health issues you should consult your Vet before re-vaccinating.  We will accept Titers or an Opt Out letter from your Veterinarian)

Every Year

Bordatella, Canine Influenza Vaccines for contagious upper respiratory conditions.

Documents accepted:

Proof of vaccination OR positive titer test results from a licensed Veterinarian showing the dates the vaccinations are due to be renewed must be submitted in writing before any dog can be accepted into our facility. Ask your Vet to fax your records to us at (404) 350-7850 OR email them to [email protected]

Updated proof of required vaccination OR titer must be submitted to Doguroo on an ongoing basis and is the responsibility of the parent.

Canine Influenza (Beginning July 2015) See the News & Events page for more information.

Registration: Registration & Release forms are available online or in store. A new Registration & Release form must be filled out for each dog added to your pack.
Trial Day: Successful completion of a Trial Day. Trial Days are scheduled by appointment only and require a NON-Refundable Credit Card deposit. One-time cost: $30.  (Receive coupons that offset the cost!)Please Note: A RE-Trial Day may be required prior to a Boarding stay if your dog has not attended DOGUROO for Daycare or Boarding for an extended period.  After one year between visits, a RE-Trial day is required and must be scheduled during our Trial Day appointment availability.  There is no additional cost (other than a day of daycare) for the Re-Trial.  However, a reservation and deposit are required.
Reservations:Holiday Boarding: Boarding reservations are required!  Reservations may be made as far in advance as you’d like but cannot be made until the successful completion of the Trial Day.  After the Trial Day, call us at 404-350-7877 or email at [email protected] to reserve a spot for your pup!Trial Day Target Dates for Holiday Boarding: Your dog must complete and pass a Trial Day before the dates below to board during the corresponding holidays.

  • Memorial Day Weekend:  May 1st
  • Independence Day:  June 1st
  • Labor Day Weekend:  August 1st
  • Thanksgiving and/or Christmas:  October 1st
  • New Year’s Eve:  December 1st
Check-in: Anytime before 4pm. Because dinner is served at 4pm, your dog will receive limited daycare playtime if they are dropped off at 3pm or later. We recommend dropping off as early in the day as possible so your dog has a chance to take advantage of daycare and drain some energy before they hit their den for the evening routine.After you’ve made a reservation, save time at drop-off by submitting a Curbside Check-in form 24-48 hours prior to your dog’s stay!
Check-out: Anytime during our normal business hours. After 1pm, a Late Check-out Fee will be assessed. This can be waived if your dog receives a Scrub Plus or more Grooming Service. We highly recommend they get a bath before pickup.


Why do you have advanced target dates for the Trial Day for Holiday Boarding?

Over the years we have found that there are so many benefits to starting out on the right paw! There are two reasons behind a target date for a new dog to have met the Trial Day requirements before boarding over the busy holiday seasons. The first reason is in regards to the health and well-being of the dogs entrusted into our care. Any change in a dog’s day-to-day routine can prove stressful for the dog and boarding would certainly fall into this category. We have found, in many cases, that there is a direct correlation between a dog’s familiarity with our staff, facility and the rest of our pack, and a healthy, safe, and stress-free stay here with us at Doguroo. The second reason we have holiday target dates, is in fact to allow our established boarding customers a better chance of being able to reserve a den for their dog(s) over those busy time periods. It is unfortunate that we are unable to meet every request and do have to start a waiting list, often weeks in advance, in an attempt to accommodate boarding requests over the holidays. We have found these target dates, while initially frustrating for those who are looking for more time-sensitive boarding accommodations, have resulted in happier, healthier dogs and their people overall!

When you can’t accommodate holiday boarding reservation requests, do you recommend other services or providers?

We get that question quite often! The good news is that there are many dog boarding facilities in Atlanta and even more pet sitting services! While we don’t make any recommendations (it is not feasible for us to keep up with the service and safety levels of other facilities) we do keep a short list of places and services to whom we have referred people to in the past. In particular, we know of some other facilities who usually have the ability to take shorter notice either because they do not have a Trial Day requirement or because they do not provide group play or Daycare. Feel free to call us and one of our Pack Receptionists can give you the latest info.

What do you mean by small/mild mannered dogs?

Why do I see “large dogs” in the “small” Daycare yard? We divide our playgroups based on size and temperament. Have you ever known a small dog that doesn’t know it is small? We have some big dogs that don’t know they are big! We may place a larger guest in the “small” Daycare yard if based on temperament and play style, the small dog yard is the best fit.

What if I have a small dog and a large dog and I want them to board together?

So long as both of your dogs have been accepted into our Daycare program, they can board together. In most cases, they will board together in the small dog area. This is to protect your small dog from being around lots of larger guests, which can be overwhelming. In addition, not all large dogs are familiar with small dogs and even though they are well socialized, they can look at a small dog as prey. So long as we are comfortable that your large dog is safe around our smaller guests (most large dogs who live with small dogs are) then we will allow them to board together. Your large dog will not be let out at the same time as the smaller guests in their boarding area.

What does “spot cleaned” mean?

Spot cleaning the dens occurs while the dogs are outside for their morning and evening potty breaks. This is a quick cleaning where beds are checked for soiling, stray food is picked up and messes are mopped. When the dogs go out into the play yards for the day, the Dens and Cubbies are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by our staff as part of our extensive daily cleaning.

What is a “Rubdown”?

The daily Rubdown is a nose to tail check administered by one of our trained, Lead Pack Members. Each afternoon, your dog will receive a full body “rubdown” in the privacy of their den where we check to be sure nothing has changed with regard to their overall general health and wellbeing. We look for any signs of dehydration, lameness, injury or obvious illness. The dogs get a gentle and non-threatening massage and some one-on-one time that they really enjoy.

What is the Lick-A-Lot Ice Cream Service?

This service is extremely popular, especially in the summertime! We offer Lick-A-Lots ice cream cups for sale in our Retail lobby and upon request we will deliver these delicious and healthy treats right to your dog’s den. The frozen cups are microwaved for a few seconds then popped into a small, stainless steel bowl so your dog can lick away! Lick-A-Lots are an all-natural treat made right here in Atlanta with quality, human grade ingredients and No Preservatives! Yum.