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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

A Day in the Life of a Boarding Dog

Your dog’s day starts bright and early with an outside potty break where they can stretch their legs. Once back inside, they’ll find that their Den has been spot cleaned to ensure their space is ready for the first meal of the day, breakfast. Once meals have been served, your dog will have a full hour to complete their meal and digest before joining the Daycare pack for a day of play. Upon request, we also serve lunch at midday. Naps are also a pack favorite and something we can do upon request or we may suggest these for your dog based on their age, health or behavior. In the late afternoon, they return to their Dens for their daily Rubdown and some much needed downtime before the evening meal. This is the time when they can also receive special treats or Lick-A-Lot Ice Cream Service (a pack favorite!) They’ll be returning to a thoroughly cleaned Den, a fresh water bowl and a laundered bed (if needed) their toys and special treats. After dinner, another full hour for proper digestion and then another outside potty break and stretch of the legs. Once tucked in for the night, we dim the lights and put on the classical music. After a day of play, the dogs are ready for slumber.

Our proven routines allow us to structure a stay that caters to the specific needs of your dog. Dogs love routine. And while this schedule may not be the same as the one they’re on at home, it doesn’t vary during their stay, so, they come to know the routine and benefit from it’s consistency. Our goal is to create a positive experience for your dog and minimize the inherent stresses of any away from home separation.