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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

What if I have a small dog and a large dog and I want them to board together?

So long as both of your dogs have been accepted into our Daycare program, they can board together. In most cases, they will board together in the small dog area. This is to protect your small dog from being around lots of large dogs, which can be overwhelming. In addition, not all large dogs are familiar with small dogs and even though they are well socialized, they can look at a small dog as prey. So long as we are comfortable that your large dog is safe around small dogs (most large dogs who live with small dogs are) then we will allow them to board together. Your large dog will not be let out at the same time as the small dogs in their boarding area.

Spot cleaned

Spot cleaning the dens occurs while the dogs are outside for their morning and evening potty breaks. This is a quick cleaning where beds are checked for soiling, stray food is picked up and messes are mopped.


The daily Rubdown is a nose to tail check administered by one of our trained, Lead WAG Specialists. Each afternoon, your dog will receive a full body “rubdown” in the privacy of their den where we check to be sure nothing has changed with regard to their overall general health and wellbeing. We look for any signs of dehydration, lameness, injury or obvious illness. The dogs get a gentle and non-threatening mini-massage and some one-on-one time that they really enjoy.

Lick-A-Lot Ice Cream Service

This service is extremely popular, especially in the summertime! We offer Lick-A-Lots ice cream cups for sale in our Retail lobby and upon request we will deliver these delicious and healthy treats right to your dog’s den. The frozen cups are micro waved for a few seconds then popped into a small, stainless steel bowl so your dog can lick away! Lick-A-Lots are an all-natural treat made right here in Atlanta with quality, human grade ingredients and No Preservatives! Yum.