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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

What to Bring


Pack a little more than enough for your dog’s stay. Some folks like to divide up their dog’s food into individual servings, while some like the freedom of just buying a small bag of food when they drop off. Either way, we will review your dog’s specific feeding instructions with you each time you drop off for boarding and follow them throughout their stay. When it comes to good nutrition, Doguroo is your absolute source. We proudly carry over a dozen different brands of extremely high-quality foods, each endorsed by The Whole Dog Journal. Thinking of switching your dog’s diet, we can help with that while they are boarding.


Any type or size is acceptable. Consider that your dog’s bed may need to be laundered while they are here and large poly-filled inserts cannot be washed. Kuranda beds are available upon request or you can always choose from some of the options offered in our Retail area. Ask a Pack Member to make a recommendation.


Your dog’s favorites. Toys are a nice distraction and can help your dog’s den feel more like home. Try rubbing your hands on their toys to put your scent on them.


A couple for each day. Your dog is more active while boarding at Doguroo than they are at home. Treats are a great way to add a few more calories to your dog’s typical diet and a great way to spoil them a little while their here. It’s their vacation too, after all!


Anything they are currently taking or may need while you’re away. Be sure to let us know if your dog has been ill recently or if there is anything we should watch out for. (Thunderstorm anxiety, seizures, etc.)

Warm Clothing

Yes you can bring your dog’s cute little sweater! If you typically put a coat or a sweater on your dog during the winter, feel free to pack it. We may not be able to allow them to wear it in the play yards, but they can wear it overnight if you desire.

Things to Leave Behind


We use disposable paper feeding trays and stainless steel water bowls.

Measuring Cups

We’ve got a fully stocked supply of every size!

Flea Collars

Instead, we suggest a topical flea treatment applied at least 24 hours before you check-in.

Hazardous Toys

Toys that have small parts or could be torn into pieces and ingested. Best bet is to know your dog’s chewing habits and only select toys you would be comfortable with them having overnight.

Hazardous Chews

Some chews can be hazardous if they are ingested in large pieces, such as white rawhide. Before you select a chew, know your dog’s habits and history with these.

Hazardous Bedding

Knit blankets, or any bedding that could come apart into long thin pieces or strings. Ingestion of these types of materials can cause serious intestinal health hazards. It’s best to use a bed specifically designed for dogs and know your dog’s chewing behavior. (Any bedding that is destroyed or shredded will be removed from your dog’s den in the interest of safety.) Kuranda beds may be used upon request.