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The Whole Dog Experience

Doguroo is Atlanta's full-service dog care destination.
Our goal is to enhance the lives of dogs and their parents
through a holistic and uncompromising offering of services,
products, and education.

A Day in the Life of a Daycare Dog

Your dog will be placed in one of our spacious dens when they first come in for their day of fun. Your dog will be led into the play yard soon after arrival.

(Why does my dog not go directly into the play yard?)

If you’ve been to our facility or watched the Dog Cam, you’ve no doubt noticed that even on days where there seem to be a lot of dogs in the yard, it appears very much under control. That control is by design and requires a specific set of procedures, routines and behaviors we call Yard Control. Just like in a real pack (say, a wolf pack) everyone knows their place, who’s in charge and what is acceptable behavior. By taking the time to build up our daycare pack slowly and methodically, we are able to maintain a safe and controlled environment; one where your dog can enjoy all the benefits of interacting with other dogs while we minimize the inherent risks.

Once in the yard, your dog has access to over 9,000sf of indoor and outdoor play space with lots of drinking water! Our yards are always managed under the watchful, trained eye of our Wag Specialists. In addition, our ABCDT Certified Trainers are always onsite and continuously monitoring the daycare yards and assisting with any dogs who may need a break or some individual Training.

Our outside yards are surfaced with concrete to allow for proper cleaning and a sanitary environment. During the hotter weather we fill up our outdoor kiddie pools for those that like to cool off or splash their friends! Once the temperature starts to rise, it’s back inside where our A/C units keep things cool and comfortable.